Nike Plane Mania!

NikeSo all the nets were going full coverage of that Nike plane, and now it's finally landed. What's that adage about why most news is about tragedy? "Planes take off and land safely everyday"? But it's news when the plan happens to be owned by Nike. Pity the Amalgamated Widget Corp execs that get stuck in a holding pattern. Yet it could be better: Fox News commentators are currently talking about how exciting it would have been had the plane not landed safely. "I was expecting to see nothing but emergency trucks," says one. Sheppard Smith looked on the bright side: "It had to have been at least somewhat scary" for those on the plane, but he was hoping for something more "after this three hour 'just do it' commercial."

Finally, Shep had to admit: "Well, there is lots of news today."

Nike Corporate Jet Makes Safe Landing [AP]


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