I Knew A Girl Named Nikki I Guess You Could Say She Was An Email Fiend

Nikki Haley, you got some 'splainin' to do! The FOIA warriors at American Oversight just dumped a trove of documents that reveal the former UN Ambassador may have a little BUTTERY MALES problem of her own. No doubt the GOP will insist that her server be seized immediately before a wily Ukrainian oligarch spirits it off to bury in his back yard outside Kryvyi Rih in the Dnipropetrovsk Oblast!

Way back in July of 2017, before Donald Trump and Kim Jong Un fell in love and we fucked over the South Koreans by trying to extort them for protection money, North Korea looked very much like it was trying to provoke a war. It was launching missiles into the Sea of Japan every other week and threatening Guam and Hawaii. UN Ambassador Haley was rightly concerned, which is perhaps an explanation -- if not an excuse -- for why she sent confidential emails over the State Department's unclassified system while drafting her response to the crisis.


As the Daily Beast reports, the FOIA'ed emails are rife with redactions as Haley messaged back and forth with aides via normal channels to clean up her speech decrying North Korean aggression.

But most of the content is blacked out—and the redactions note various classification criteria as exempt from FOIA requests, including the B1 category: "classified national defense and foreign relations information"; 1.4(B) "foreign government information"; and 1.4(D) "foreign relations or foreign activities of the United States, including confidential sources."

Which we have understood to be DOUBLE PLUS UNGOOD TREASON that gets you LOCK HER UPPED immediately unless the Deep State intervenes to ... throw the election to your opponent.

"The American public has heard for years what the standard is for senior State Department officials mishandling classified information in their emails," American Oversight's director Austin Evers told the Daily Beast. "Ambassador Haley may have found it inconvenient to update her password, but, as we all know, 'convenience' is not an acceptable reason to skirt information security rules. She should be held to the same standard as everyone else."

Oh yeah, we're sure Bill Barr will get right on that after he finishes harassing former State Department employees about emails they got from Hillary Clinton back in 2012. And that's not even a joke, he really is still investigating whether Hillary Clinton's staff committed email crimes EIGHT TO TEN YEARS AGO. But those people are Democrats, see, so their "crimes" count.

[DB / American Oversight]

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