No Blowouts, No Peace

  • Hillary Clinton wins the Pennsylvania Democratic primary by a margin large enough to justify continuing her campaign, but too small to really change the delegate count. [Washington Post]
  • A formerly "energized and optimistic" Democratic Party finds itself bored and frustrated with two candidates who can't seem to win and can't seem to lose. [New York Times]
  • Barack Obama says "Huh Pennsylvania Hillary Clinton what?" and keeps talking about John McCain, who is also apparently running for President. [New York Times]
  • The Wall Street Journal offers a detailed analysis of the Pennsylvania primary results, complete with charts and graphs. Bottom line: Hillary's in it, and she's in it to win, but it's mathematically impossible for her to win. [Wall Street Journal]
  • First-quarter home foreclosures in California rose 327% from last year. Our nation's economy is strong! [Los Angeles Times]
  • Hillary Clinton raised $2.5 million last night. [The Hill]

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