No Buttsechs For Gay Messicans After All

Recently, there has been lots of Nice Time! for our LGBT sisters and brothers. But hey, this kind of momentum can’t go on forever, and who better to put a stop to it than the House GOP  Senate GOP  Democratic Senators from red blue states. Wait, what? Are you fucking kidding?

Our latest group of yellow-bellied, weasel-faced, backstabbing pieces of rat poop occupy four seats on the Judiciary Committee, where Sen. Leahy decided against offering his amendment to protect same-sex couples in the immigration reform bill because he didn't have the support from his OWN GODDAM PARTY. This is basically like slapping the LGBT community in the face with Michelle Malkin’s sweaty nutsack.

Who are these four spineless fucknuggets?

Senators Al Franken, Dianne Feinstein, Dick Durbin, and Chuck Schumer are the backbone-missing goat-blowers who decided to bow down to the altar of Republican bigotry and offer up the LGBT community as their sacrifices to expediency.

Democrats backed down because several Republicans, including our favorite macho Senator Lindsey Graham (R-Santorum's Bunghole), said that adding such an amendment would tank the bill.

OF COURSE Republicans said that this amendment would cause the bill to fall apart! They are stuck in some kind of timewarp where America is some sort of narrow-minded, lily-white extremist-Christianist society that can treat some citizens as second-class. Republicans are willing to take this country to the brink of default because of fucked-up, misguided principles, but Democrats from BLUE STATES can’t even stand up for LGBT minorities in a fucking committee vote?!?!

Democrats are supposed to be the good guys, not the coward who acts tough, then turns out to be more scared than Rick Santorum caught nekkid in the third stall of a San Fransicso gay bar. You can all drink dicks.

Seriously, AL FRANKEN? His state literally just passed a bill to legalize gay marriage. And before all the gays in Minnesota could even climax in their celebratory unnatural sex acts, Sen. Franken pisses all over it like your dad running into the hotel room on prom night. Except in this case, your dad undresses and wants to join in the fun. Thanks for ruining the good times, Al.

Yr Wonkette still hearts Sen. Leahy, who didn't want to offer the amendment only to have it fail. The immigration bill passed out of his committee, and so it moves to the full Senate. If the amendment is to be added, it will have to garner 60 votes on the Senate floor, which is unlikely to happen, because bigotry.

The links on the Senator's names are to their official websites, so feel free to call their DC office and let them know what useless sacks of cowardly ratshit they are.

Time to drink the day away.



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