Everybody loves Condi, and everybody wants new Condiproduct delivered daily, so what's a newspaper to do when she's gone (or boring) for a few days and no fresh photo-ops or breaking vague quotes are available? Well, if you're Glenn Kessler at the Washington Post, you simply cut up all the past profiles, throw them up in the air and paste them where they land to create the stunningly pointless new puff-piece which ran yesterday. Yes, yes, she controls her image with unprecedented tightness, she gets greeted by celebrities at foreign airports, she's a bit of a clothes-horse, people want her to run for President, she's the anti-Hillary... WE GET IT! Please, Madame Secretary, Doctor Ferragamo, we're begging you: tease out your hair, slap on some hot-pants, dance on a tabletop and give 'em something new to write about. Is it any wonder some people forego the ennui and simply make shit up?

Defining Her Own Sphere of Influence [Washington Post]


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