No F*cking War With Iran, Says Everyone Including Morgan Freeman And Your Mom

Here is a fun little ad about how to not do war with Iran. We really like it! It features Morgan Freeman, Jack Black, Queen Noor, a lady from that Oranges In Prison show, and the guy from that one movie where Ben Affleck saved America, plus an actual spy (Shhh! It's Valerie Plame!) and a real ambassador guy who was never in a movie. Put together by an outfit called Global Zero, which has the utopian goal of eliminating nuclear weapons -- surely as impossible a dream as ending the Cold War -- the ad spoofs the alarmism of the crowd opposing the Iran nuclear deal, and soberly reminds us that the real risk isn't that we'll all get zapped by Iranian nukes, but that we'll end up in another goddamned Forever War in the Middle East. It works!

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At the moment, the loudest assholes in the room are getting the most attention on this issue, what with their predictions of Obama shoveling Israel into the Aushchwitz gas chambers (or directly into the ovens, which isn't even how the Nazis did it), even though American Jews are mostly in favor of the deal. Americans as a whole, on the other hand, are mostly undecided -- the same poll that found a majority of Jewish support for the deal found that among all respondents, Jewish and not-so-Jewish, "only 28 percent support the deal, 24 percent oppose and the rest (48 percent) “don’t know enough to say.” So this ad is aimed at the great uninformed middle, supposing they look up from their Vine videos of dumb teenagers long enough to think about Iran.

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So listen up: On this one, the Jews, the diplomats, a whole boatload of former Israeli defense and intelligence leaders, and Morgan Freeman are right. It's a good deal that will keep us out of a war, and is the best chance to keep us out of another long expensive war in the Middle East that would create a whole new generation of vets to overwhelm the VA in a few years.

Listen to your Jewish overlords and Morgan Freeman. ALWAYS LISTEN TO MORGAN FREEMAN.

Also, Jack Black does a hell of a Sting riff at the end.

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