No Means No: Michele Bachmann Feels Up the President

Michele Bachmann, sexual predator - WonketteYes, we saw crazy Michele Bachmann sexually assault the President. It was... weird. It made us uncomfortable. Sadly, Minnesota's KSTP has taken the video down from their website, after their servers were presumably swamped by perverted Drudge readers. We'll work on getting our own up, but in case you're wondering what you missed, the crazy Jesus Lady held on to the President's shoulder with a Holy Ghost-strengthened death grip for what felt like an hour. He signed her an autograph, she still held on. He tried to ditch her and kiss some other congresswoman, and she still held on. In fact, she held on even tighter.

She finally got her hug and kiss, after the President realized that if he didn't acquiesce, she would probably slip him a roofie and drag him into a committee room somewhere.

MN Congresswoman Can't Keep Her Hand off President [KSTP]


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