We will miss you.

Earlier today, President Barack Obama did his final news conference of his entire presidency. (He left by explaining to that idiot Trump how press freedom works in a functioning fucking democracy, because that is where America is as a nation.)


Yesterday, it was First Lady Michelle Obama's 53rd birthday! We had a nice open thread for you, where we looked at pictures of her being badass, and we said happy birthday and reflected on how she's been the best first lady in the history of U.S. America, and made a vow that we will never say happy birthday to either First Lady Melania Trump or First Lady Ivanka Trump, because PFFFFFFFFFFFFT is why.

As we write this, Barack and Michelle Obama will be residents of the White House for, oh, 43 MORE HOURS, and it's OK if you are sad, because we are sad too and we'll just cry together. And if you need help crying, hey, here is a video of Michelle Obama walking through the White House one last time with her dogs:

Was that really Michelle Obama's VERY FINAL WALK through? Meh, probably not, but it makes for a nice video.

Anyway, this is your open thread, where you may cry or laugh or poke each other in the be-hinds, like you are so apt to do. And if you are too sad, just remember that Donald Trump will probably do a video next week of his first puss-grabbing spree through the White House, which will be OH GOD WE JUST MADE YOU SADDER, OUR BAD.


Here are some puppies, so you can smile:

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