No More Child Brides in Colorado! Plus, a Celebrity Plea for Cousin Marriages

child%20brides.jpgHumbert Humbert, your days are numbered in the Centennial State! Reports AP via Fox News: "Gov. Bill Owens signed a measure banning child brides, ending an uproar sparked by a court ruling that said 12-year-old girls could enter common-law marriages in Colorado."

Ah well, Humbert, you've still got Utah, Texas, and a bunch of other places.

In an unrelated (we hope) development, though, cousin-fuckers get the greenlight from ABC News' John Stossel:

I'd always thought marrying a blood relative as close as a cousin was immoral, and certainly risky if you plan to have kids. Conventional wisdom says only primitive people who live in isolated places marry cousins. It leads to stupid children. But that's a myth.

It's the sort of myth that leads to stupid laws. Half the states in America have banned cousin marriage, but there's no good reason for it. You can marry your cousin and have perfectly intelligent kids.

Take Albert Einstein -- was he intelligent enough for you? His parents were cousins, and he married his cousin....

It's...wrong to prohibit cousins from marrying. There are risks and challenges in any marriage, but it should not be for politicians to decide such intimate matters as whether you get to marry the person you love. Love, marriage and procreation are personal choices better not left to "experts" who are often repeating myths.


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