No News Is Good News, And We've Got News

  • While most segments of the global economy fare poorly in a widespread recession, others flourish -- for example, the human trafficking sector. [CNN]
  • Investigators say they're getting closer to figuring out what made that Air France flight crash over the Atlantic, but they have yet to find the black boxes and most of the bodies and almost certainly won't get all the debris from the plane. [AFP]
  • How serious is the nuclear situation in North Korea? So serious that Russia and China have finally expressed "concern" about it. [AP]
  • Detentions, beatings, rumored assassinations by car bombing -- that's what's going on in Iran this week. [Guardian]
  • Matt Drudge is keeping them honest! ABC swears they will not just be broadcasting propaganda from the Obama administration when they film a special on healthcare reform from within the White House. [New York Daily News]
  • Because this is a day ending in "y," President Obama will unveil some new initiative or other, this one aimed at overhauling financial regulations to enable better government oversight and consumer protections. [Washington Post]

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