No, Really, They Were Just Friends

Let Me Show You How To Do The Forbidden DanceJust like if you harbor a terrorist, if you get freaky with the First Daughter, there are consequences. Young rich twit Fabian Basabe, whose public nuzzling with Barbara Bush made a gossip splash earlier this year, tells the world about his pain in a new interview:

Papa Bush, Basabe says, was very understanding. "There was no flak. If anything, they were more concerned for me." ... "My parents were furious," he sighs, cringing at the memory. "They made me leave New York."

Where did you hide out?


Well, it's not quite Guantanamo. But actually, it turns out things got worse for Basabe. "'I had all these John Kerry people e-mailing me, asking, 'Can't you take her out dancing again?'" E-mail from Kerry people? We thought they reserved punishment that inhumane for enemy combatants and journalists.

It Isn't Easy Being Fabulous [Miami New Times via Gawker]

[New York Daily News]


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