No, Seriously, You're Not Gonna Believe The Dumb Bullsh*t Sean Spicer's Offended By Now


No, we have no idea what's supposed to be offensive here

Sean Spicer, apparently emboldened by his good buddy Steve Bannon's declaration that the Trump administration is at war with the media all the time now, is very, very upset that CNN would go and call people attending the anti-abortion March For Life "Demonstrators." We have no idea why he finds that word problematic, since it's a perfectly accurate, value-neutral description of what people do when they are "protesting" or "demonstrating." As several replies to Spicer indicated, it's how the March For Life Website describes its own event:

One smartass noted that even the decent, pro-life folks at Breitbart used the offensive locution:

We can only assume Spicer is upset because everybody knows that "demonstrators" is a synonym for "looters" and "rioters," or something. Or maybe because it includes "demon"?

Don't want any of that happening on the National Mall, unless maybe the demons are peeing on each other and Donald gets to watch.

In any case, since Spicer is so offended by "demonstrators," we've fixed the CNN chyron to conform to the standard rightwing style guide:


[Sean Spicer on Twitter]

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