No? Wait, I Know: How About "Russ Feingold, Superstar"?

Over at the Corner, Kathryn Lopez alerts readers to a screenwriting contest sponsored by the American Film Renaissance, which launched the nation's first conservative film festival last year, and hosting a follow-up one this September in Dallas. Here's a snatch of the contest guidlines:

The AFR is sponsoring a screenwriting contest to discover scripts that won't appeal only to cynical cultural elites. We're looking for stories that promote such positive timeless themes as freedom, family, faith, and love of country.

So if like us you're tired of movies that wallow in victimhood and self-pity, or that portray America, business and religion as the roots of all evil -- then this contest is for you.

Is it ever! I've been dying to pitch my idea for a screenplay! It's the story of a brave mother, moved by faith and stubborn love of country to overcome her self-pity and confront the vacationing president she believes is responsible for her son's tragic death. I call it "Sweet Mama Cindy." Guys? Hey, guys?

First Annual Screenwriting Contest [American Film Renaissance, courtesy of Le Coin]


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