Nobel Peace Prize Hopefuls Include Bill Clinton, Avatar


  • Weekly Standard Blog "The Blog" renounces liberal Hollywood romcom thriller The Wolfman, because it's soft on terrorism and probably advocates for werewolf amnesty or what have you. [Weekly Standard]

  • Oh bother, "The Wi-Fi" has destroyed school bus etiquette forever! [AMERICAblog]

  • If the Nazi's secret V2 stem cell research program had succeeded...well...who can say for sure what terrible medical breakthroughs would have awaited the unsuspecting Allies? [Think Progress]

  • Hey New York Times! David Paterson has his own expos√© ("Someone Is Out To Get Me"). But he promises not to publish his if you don't publish yours. [Daily Intel]

  • Despite bombing a baker's dozen of countries during his President-time, Bill Clinton never received a Nobel peace trophy. Not a single peace thingamajig of any kind! But now he's "the face of American compassion," which means he will personally bomb Haiti and then finally receive the recognition he deserves, heart permitting! [Washington Whispers]


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