Nobody Likes Gonzales Anymore, Even Though He Said He Was Kinda Sorry

Poor Alberto Gonzales. He was Bush's personal pet child-of-immigrants ("mi abogado"), and now, apparently, no one likes him anymore and this is all his fault.

The two Republicans, who spoke anonymously so they could share private conversations with senior White House officials, said top aides to Mr. Bush, including Fred F. Fielding, the new White House counsel, were concerned that the controversy had so damaged Mr. Gonzales's credibility that he would be unable to advance the White House agenda on national security matters, including terrorism prosecutions.

"I really think there's a serious estrangement between the White House and Alberto now," one of the Republicans said.

So our two anonymous friends -- Rove & Bolten? Or Barlett and Snow? We're just asking because the rest of this entire scandal bores the fuck out of us. If the Senate is going to pretend of exercise oversight again, can't they do it about something entertaining?

'Mistakes' Made on Prosecutors, Gonzales Says [NYT]


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