Nobody Wants Santorum's Cubicles, Either

Sad and empty - Wonkette

After Rick "Crying Child" Santorum lost his Senate seat, the Pittsburgh campaign office was shut down and the cubicles were put up for sale on Craigslist. The price? $2,600 for 10 "high quality" cubicles in "good shape." Seems Santorum's old cubicles are about as popular as Santorum himself. Today the cubicles are free for the taking. Hey, it's the end of the month and the landlord wants that crap out!

Free Office Cubicles
I have 10 cubicles in good condition for free to anyone able to come pick them up. These are high quality cubicles in great shape. They have desks, drawers, corkboards and shelves that are integrated with the cubicles. I can probably throw in dssk chairs for free as well.
I'm closing down an office, this is why I'm getting rid of these. I need to get them out asap which is why I'm offering them for free.

Free Office Cubicles [Craigslist]
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