NOM Spokesbigot Says It's Bad For Teachers To Secretly Gas Jews, Be Lesbians

The National Organization For Marriage (NOM nom nom), you know them, right? Hilariously failed organization that for some reason still exists, even though the Supreme Court crammed gay marriage right up all American bottoms at the end of June, despite all the Hail Mary passes wingnuts tried to throw? Well, apparently NOM's staff isn't quite ready to start filling out job applications, probably because they're not qualified for anything outside the bigot field, so they are still raising money and talking about things.

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Like, here is a thing. Robert George, a NOM cofounder who teaches at Princeton, has quite an analogy to share about how teachers shouldn't be secret lesbians, and know what another bad thing would be? Teachers who are secret Nazis:

This is not to compare same-sex relationships with Nazism, those are two completely different things. Nazism is far worse, let's take all that for granted.

Oh, good, he's not comparing the two. He's just saying things that are bad, like Nazis and homosexuals. Even if you don't have time to listen to the whole clip, you should hear how queeny and annoyed George sounds when he has to concede that Nazis are "far worse." Moving on:

The point here I'm making is an analytical one, but I think a telling one. Imagine that someone was active in the Nazi Party, but kept it entirely private, below the radar screen, didn't preach Nazism to his students, came into religion class and taught the true teachings of the Catholic church. Would anybody be willing to say, "Well, because the guy was doing his job in the classroom, his personal life isn't relevant to his obligations at school"? I submit to you that nobody would say that. What that shows is, not that homosexual relations or conduct is like Nazism, it's not, what it shows is that nobody really believes that your personal life is entirely independent of what your obligations are as a teacher of religion in a Catholic school.

He's NOT saying that some teachers wind down after a hard day by boning each others' lesbian parts, and others wind down by doing the Holocaust, and these are equally bad things. He's just talking about Nazis and lesbians a lot in the same paragraph to make an ANALYTICAL point, because he teaches at Princeton (his presence there is a great argument for tenure reform, quite frankly), and big smart professors like to analyze things.

So what Jew-gassing scissor-monster teacher is he going on about? It is Margie Winters, a lady lesbian P.E. teacher religion teacher who got fired from a Catholic school in Philadelphia for being a lady lesbian married to another lady lesbian. This happened even though, Winters says, the school totally knew she was a lesbian and said it was okay as long as she and the old ball and chain didn't scissor in the classroom. Oh, and she wasn't allowed to tell the kids she was a big gay. Some parents found out, and now she's fun-employed.

And this is all right with Robert George, because something something Nazi lesbian death squads, and if you don't understand what he's talking about, you are too dumb to be in his class at Princeton, QED.

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