Let's see, who was the last Republican presidential primary contender to drop out of the campaign? Ron Paul? Yeah, he basically dropped out, in the important sense that he no longer cares to win any primaries. This just leaves Mitt Romney, says the conventional wisdom. Pish posh! Conventional thought, like Mitt Romney, is for weaklings. Why, that sounds like a good theme for a campaign ad? Add in a gratuitous image of Mitt Romney dressed as Pee-wee Herman and some gratuitous fapping to that other creepy television entertainer Ronald Reagan and you've got the new California Republican primary ad for marathon GOP presidential campaign holdout Fred "the openly gay one" Karger. It is positively fun. Watch it, after the jump!

Best line: "[Mitt Romney] recently caved to pressure from the far right and let an openly gay member of his campaign team go. He is weak and indecisive. How will Mitt Romney stand up to the leaders of Iran and North Korea if he won't stand up to a bigoted bully like Bryan Fischer?" This is the best question that has ever been asked about Mitt Romney.

And here is a bonus ad from Fred Karger, featuring some kind of gratuitous softcore beachfront sexytime volleyball team orgy, because vote Fred Karger.

HOT. [YouTube]


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