• HEY LADIESIf you were not up late last night you may not have read Jack Stuef's epic and important jeremiad on the subject of Shirley Sherrod and her unnecessary journey under the bus, courtesy of the people in the Obama Administration who threw her there. Go, on read, it, then come back here for some maybe mildly good news! Secretary of Agriculture Tom Vilsack (Sherrod's boss) is taking time out of his busy schedule of wandering around ComicCon in his "sexy Winnie the Pooh" outfit to "conduct a thorough review and consider additional facts" in this stupid and maddening case. Now she is not entirely sure she wants to go back and work for her former employers, though, because, you know, they were dicks. [CBS/AP]
  • States with cratering pension funds are starting to look into this "Social Security" thing the rest of the country seems to like. [NYT]
  • David Cameron and Barack Obama and their families exchanged gifts, because that is what everyone seems to expect. The Obamas got a painting from a graffiti artist! No, not Banksy, another guy, who you haven't heard of. Cameron's son got a jersey from the DC United, which will probably get him beaten up. [BBC]
  • Hey, everybody, let's dig up the Ceausescus! [AP]

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