None Of These GOP Congressmen Will Declare That Obama Is An American Citizen


[youtube expand=1]

Here's a pretty good video of a liberal stalking GOP members of Congress around the Hill and asking them, straight up, if they believe Barack Obama is a natural-born American citizen. Only one will say yes. Jesus. These people, because of all the frothy mouth-breathers back home, declaring that they do not know if the President of the United States is constitutionally eligible to hold office.

Perhaps they should all introduce a bill "demanding proof," if that's the case? No really, do it! Every member of Congress should vote yes. Bring this to a head, for maximum comedic effect -- Obama can sign this bill in a big Rose Garden ceremony, hold it up, stare into the camera -- primetime -- and say, "This is what the United States Congress just made me sign. This. This is what they produced, during work hours."

(Then he will be deported, of course.)

Know Your Birthers [Firedoglake]


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