Are you still worried that Colorado is a hotbed of voter fraud? You're supposed to be, according to convicted criminal "journalist" James O'Keefe, who went there to prove that Democrats are totally stealing all the ballots. (Spoiler: He did not prove that.) And there's also been some Olympic-level concern trolling by Colorado's Republican Secretary of State Scott Gessler, who insisted that the United States Postal Service is "the greatest vehicle for disenfranchisement in the country."

Wow, that sure does sound horrible. And since no state has ever used mail-in voting before, except for all the states who have, including Colorado, it's just so obvious that the liberals are totally going to steal Colorado's election because of how it is just so easy to do that.

Except for maybe not?

But perception hasn't been reality, according to election officials on both sides of the deep political divide who report only a routine percentage of challenged signatures, undeliverable ballots and reports of alleged shenanigans.

Oh, but that's just liberal claptrap. Certainly all the Republicans in Colorado know the real truth. Like this county clerk, who is a Republican and president of the Colorado County Clerks Association. Surely she can explain to us how the whole thing is rigged.

Mesa County Clerk Sheila Reiner said the lack of actual trouble is largely because voting by mail is nothing new. It's been an option for Colorado voters since 1992. And in the 2012 general election, 73 percent of Coloradans cast mail ballots.

So, wait a minute? Even a Republican in Colorado is suggesting that the hysteria over voter fraud is not well-founded in reality? Absurd! Just because Colorado voters have been voting this way since 1992 is no reason not to believe that it could be a real problem this year. Heck, President Obama carried the state in 2012, and there's no explanation for that except for voter fraud. Which is why no Republicans have won any races in Colorado since they started voting by mail more than two decades ago. Because it's just so easy to Xerox some ballots and fix the election, with no county clerks the wiser.

But clerks note that each ballot is screened to make sure the signatures match voter registration records. And so far the numbers of signatures that have been flagged by election judges as incorrect matches are roughly the same as they were in the 2012 general election in El Paso, Denver, Mesa and Pueblo counties checked by The Denver Post on Friday.

In Denver County, flagged signatures account for about 1 percent of ballots turned in, said Alton Dillard, spokesman for the clerk and recorder's office.

You might think one percent sounds like a small number, but it still proves ... something! Like maybe how voter fraud by mail is not quite the issue conservatives want us to think it is? Nah, that couldn't be it.

Obviously, all the county clerks -- including the Republicans -- are in on the scam to rig Colorado's election, which is why on Election Day, you can expect to see every single Democrat win in that state. No, really. And in case you're worried that's not going to happen, here is your complete guide to frauding the vote. Just to be sure.

[Denver Post]

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Nancy Pelosi is making news again today after her weekly press conference, mostly because she said this about yesterday's nutbag performance from President Stable Genius:

[T]his time, another temper tantrum — again — I pray for the President Of The United States. I wish him and his family, his administration and staff would have an intervention for the good of the country.

She prays for him. And she's just kind of suggesting that maybe the president is unwell, in his brain. She's being very subtle!

When Glenn Thrush asked afterward what kind of "intervention" she might be talking about, she suggested that Article 25 would be just fine.

But many folks out there right now are saying "BUT WHAT ABOUT INPEACH! They are not going to do an intervention, because the intervention is called INPEACH!" (They are taking her words very literally, it would seem.) Every other damn day lately, there is news about how "NANCY SAID INPEACH IS BAD" or "NANCY SAID TRUMP'S ACTIONS IS SELF-INPEACH-ATORY, WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN, NANCY!" and whatever else, we don't know, because we have muted all of Twitter until further notice. (Here is some news about the House Democrats' weekly meeting yesterday, most of which was about Democrats yelling INPEACH! while Nancy Pelosi gave them cold showers.)

Here's the thing:

In today's presser, Pelosi was clearer than ever about her feelings on impeachment -- she doesn't like it, and she'd really hate for the nation to get to a place where that's inevitable, she is just saying it would be truly terrible for them to have to do that -- but they might just be FORCED to go there. And wouldn't that be just terrible? Nancy Pelosi is praying about that just like she is praying for Trump, under a big oak tree that casts all the shade she threw at Donald Trump for her entire fucking presser.

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Happy Throwback Thursday! Remember Paul Manafort? He's still in jail, don't worry. But it looks like he might be getting some company soon from his old pal Stephen Calk, who just got indicted today by the Southern District of New York.

Calk was a simple CEO and COB at the Federal Savings Bank of Chicago, but he had big dreams. He'd been an army pilot and a money guy, so he figured he was competent to be either Secretary of Treasury or Secretary of Army. He'd take Commerce or HUD, or even a cool ambassadorship to France, or the UK, or the UN -- he wasn't picky. Just any old position befitting a guy who is 100 percent going to be played by Michael McKean in the movie version of this nightmare.

Luckily Calk knew a guy on the inside. Sure that guy had recently been You're Fired from the Trump campaign for ratfucking the Ukrainian election, but Paul Manafort was still waving his bits all over Trumpland in the summer and fall of 2016, so Paul Manafort had the hookup that Calk needed. Luckily, Calk had what Manafort needed, which was MONEY. Manafort's fountain of untaxed cash had dried up since the Ukrainians gave his guy Viktor Yanukovych the boot, and he was in danger of losing multiple investment properties to foreclosure. So naturally Calk stepped up to the plate with $15 million in loans to keep the wolves at bay, because what are friends with more political ambition than scruple for, right?

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