North Carolina Republicans Lied About Repealing Transgender Potty Law, WHAT A SHOCK!

Hey, remember this guy? He was the one who said he was going to keep North Carolina "straight."

Holy crap nobody could have seen this coming! North Carolina Republican legislators -- that plucky lot that loves democracy SO MUCH they've been cramming through bills to castrate the power of incoming, duly elected Democratic governor Roy Cooper -- have reneged on their promise to fully repeal North Carolina's anti-LGBT "transgender bathroom" law, known as HB 2, and the legislature adjourned Wednesday night without any sort of repeal happening. Right, are you for shocked?

If you'll remember, the deal was that IF the city of Charlotte repealed its own expansive nondiscrimination ordinance (NDO), then it would be OK to repeal HB 2, because that way all the transgenders in Charlotte would be forced to hold their pee for the rest of all time, due to how they weren't allowed to potty, like the Lord intended. Charlotte did that. And the bill Republicans filed did hold up their end of the bargain, sorta kinda. But they sticked another provision in there, that said everybody had to COOL IT BRO with being nice to LGBT people, for six whole months, before anybody thinks about passing some kind of "be nice to transgender" ordinance in their town or village. Democracy! North Carolina Republicans would like to hate-jizz on it some more!

The bill ... (SB4) does repeal HB2, including its restrictions mandating what bathrooms transgender people may use. However, it also creates a “Six-Month Cooling-Off Period,” in which no municipality in the state may pass any laws related to employment or public accommodations, specifically noting “access to restrooms, showers, or changing facilities.” [...]

It’s possible members of the Council assumed that they could repass their LGBT protections as soon as lawmakers held up their end of the bargain. But now, they will have to wait six months before they can act. That’s another six months that LGBT people in Charlotte will have no explicit legal recourse at the state or local level if they experience discrimination in employment, housing, or public accommodations.

Or to 'splain it more simpler, under North Carolina HB 2, towns like Charlotte aren't allowed to pass NDOs. Under HB 4, towns ... wouldn't have been allowed to pass NDOs. Good "repeal," you guys! This must be why, as Think Progress reports, Democratic state Rep. Chris Sgro, who also runs Equality North Carolina, called the new bill "HB 2.2" -- haha we see what he did there!

So Gov.-Elect Cooper got pissed off and told Democrats not to vote for this horsepoop, and ... welp, here we are:

Fractured and short-fused before Christmas, the North Carolina legislature adjourned Wednesday evening without repealing a law that had polarized a national debate by restricting transgender people’s use of certain public restrooms.

As Chad Griffin of the Human Rights Campaign put it, "North Carolina remains closed for business."

Before the repeal officially failed, Republicans were innocently jumping up and down, flapping their yaps about how Roy Cooper is a flippity-flopper and a hypocrite who was against repeal before he was for repeal before he was against repeal again. Seriously, here is Dallas Woodhouse, the executive director of the North Carolina GOP, being the conniving little weasel turd he always is:

So twice before the election Roy Cooper kills a repeal/Repeal Deal. Now after being against a repeal deal, after the election he was for it. Now he is against it again because the repeal simply has teeth, to make sure our “long national Nightmare is over.”

It is clear Cooper's only motivation here is political, first last and always. And the people of North Carolina who support repeal should know Cooper sold them down the river with a wink and a nod, to radical leftists who were waiting for the repeal and start this destructive fight all over.

Wait, what is the "long national nightmare"? Transgender people making boom boom? That's never shown up in any of OUR nightmares, but perhaps Dallas Woodhouse's psyche is much more fucked up than ours. And what were the "teeth"? Is it the way the "repeal" bill still managed to bite off legal protections for LGBT people, is that what it is?

Fuck you Woodhouse, we bet your mom is real proud of you and wishes you were more like your brother. (If you don't know the background on that, please click here.)

Also too, fuck you, North Carolina Republicans, for you are the very worst our country has to offer, and we hope God makes you all stub your toes and fall down, and that when you fall down you also rack yourself on your junk in the process, because you idiots deserve it.

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