North Carolina To Tax Elitists For Sending Kids To College


If you read the glorious leader Editrix's postearlier today (and seriously, if you haven't, please. she beats us if there aren't enough pageviews), then you know that you probably don't want to move to North Carolina if you are one o'them funny not-mainstream religions like Muslin or Jewicidal. You probably did not want to move there anyway, because North Carolina. Were you feeling left out, white middle-class college kids who might vote for Democrats? Never fear! North Carolina, the bestest Carolina, has got your back and will make sure you can't vote:

A bill filed in the state Senate Tuesday would carry a tax penalty for parents whose children register to vote at their college address.

Senate Bill 667, known as "Equalize Voter Rights," would remove the tax exemption for dependents who register to vote at any address other than their parents' home...

The measure would affect only state income tax, so it wouldn't have much effect on out-of-state students. But it could effectively cut student voting in counties like Watauga and Orange, where college voters have been a key part of the Democratic Party's dominance.

The bill would also require voters to have their vehicles registered at the same address as their voter registration. That also could cut down on college student registration, since many students maintain their vehicle registration in their home counties.

We don't actually speak North Carolinian but we think that "Equalize Voter Rights" can be roughly translated as "Dick over the Democrats so hard." Do we have that right? There's another translation too, we've been told: "Tax parents for allowing their children to vote."

In case you were wondering if this was just a single-shot effort at restricting voter rights, hahaha of course not!

The same provisions on student voting have also been rolled into a larger omnibus bill, Senate Bill 666, which would also shorten early voting days, ban early voting on evenings and weekends and prohibit same-day registration.

Nothing says "expand the franchise" like making sure the only people that can vote are rich white people that have no problem taking time off from their white-collar jobs to go get their midday vote on.

So let's sum up today in North Carolina news that you can use, shall we? Don't move there if you're any religion that isn't Christianity. Don't move there if you're at all attached to the Constitution, except probably the Second Amendment. Don't move there if you're a parent that has a kid in college and needs the tax deduction for said child to continue, which it totally should because you're paying for the little brat's everything. Don't move there if you're a college kid that wants to vote where you go to college. Don't move there if you need to vote at any "unusual" times. Don't move there right before an election, because you won't be able to register on election day. You know what? Just don't move there.



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