North Dakota Zoning Tyrants Will Tear Down Aryan Leader's Crappy Old House


Once again proving that Big Government is evil, the city of Leith, North Dakota (pop. 19), is seeking to make good on its promise to demolish the house purchased by white supremacist Craig Cobb, who had hoped to convince a whole bunch of other White Power Rangers to buy abandoned buildings in the tiny town and take over. Instead, the city counciladopted new planning and zoning laws requiring all residences to be connected to water and sewer lines. And since Cobb failed to comply by the deadline last Saturday, the city will move forward with plans to condemn and tear down the dilapidated house where he had been living. Cobb himself is currently in jail, along with fellow neo-Nazi Kynan Dutton; the two are awaiting trial on charges of terrorizing the neighbors with loaded guns.

You know, it's almost as if the town were trying to send Cobb a carefully crafted but meticulously legal message about how communities are supposed to work.

Cobb's house is currently being lived in by Dutton's girlfriend, Deborah Henderson, along with three children; she claims that the group had a building permit to install sewer lines, but a county official said that while a permit for a septic system had been obtained, the company that was supposedly going to do the work has not actually signed a contract. In the meantime, Henderson and the kids are having a campout in the middle of the winter in an unheated house with no electricity, sewer, or water, because your Aryan doesn't need plumbing or electricity like the degenerate inferior races.

Cobb's property is one of 11 that had been identified as "public nuisances" by county inspectors, and the city is looking into its options for dealing with the other properties as well. Leith Mayor Ryan Schock said that if the city is able to condemn Cobb's house within the next 10 days, the city would demolish all the properties at the same time; otherwise, the work would have to wait a few weeks.

You sort of have to wonder what the world is coming to when oppressive governments are allowed to run roughshod over mostly-white Americans' God-given rights to freeze in the dark and shit in a bucket while waiting to build a white separatist enclave.

[INforum via TPM]

Doktor Zoom

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