North Korea Acquires Video-Transition Weapons


"Comrade, we do not care for this individual. He is threatening the breathtaking glory of our motherland. How shall we defeat him?" "Have we finished our work on the top-secret spinning photo technology?" "Yes, the Libyans supplied the resources." "Then use it." "But sir, the horror of—" "USE IT." It would appear from North Korea's YouTube account that they have acquired key video-transition weapons, and they are deploying ALL OF THEM. What's Obama doing about this? Just sitting around waiting for photo-going-down-the-drain effect to be used on us? Well, their propaganda cartoons about children blowing up American ships with their geometry homework still look like they were made in the 1950s, so maybe it's not time to worry. YET.

It's Friday. None of us are doing anything important. Let's all watch this cartoon of a child destroying the U.S. military with pencils while a chorus of children sing in exultation.

And if you're interested in comedy, you'll love the hilarious stylings of North Korea's top comedy duo in this famous sketch, "Two Guys Cross a Bridge."

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