Local GOP Proudly Endorses Sweaty Anti-Semite For Post Falls, Idaho School Board
David J. Reilly, photo via Kootenai GOP website

In northern Idaho, one of the school board candidates endorsed by the Kootenai County GOP has a stellar track record as a super conservative. David J. Reilly — no relation to Ignatius J. Reilly, as one of them is fictional — used to be a radio guy in Bloomsburg, Pennsylvania, but he "resigned" in 2017 after posting video and tweets promoting the big racist "Unite the Right" hootenanny in Charlottesville, Virginia, leading to a local advertiser boycott. Since then, as the anti-racist blog Angry White Men documents, Reilly has freelanced for an anti-Semitic "theologian," pushed the racist "great replacement" conspiracy theory (which posits George Soros and all the Jews are importing brown people to replace decent Godfearing white folks), and left a trail of now-deleted (but archived) tweets saying horrible things about Jews, gays, and women. We're not talking long-forgotten stuff here; much of it was from 2020.

Now Reilly lives in northern Idaho and wants to bring his Christian values to the school board for Post Falls, a suburb of Coeur d'Alene and Idaho's 10th-biggest community. In a statement on the Kootenai County GOP's website, Reilly vows he'll "do all in my power to make sure Kootenai County remains a place where families can raise Godly, conservative, patriotic children."

He notes that while he doesn't have any school-aged children, he's the "new father of a native Idahoan" and that he and his wife have already decided not to send their daughter to a public school, since the schools are full of critical race theory and "transgender child grooming," along with other horrors. Perhaps someday, he pines, Post Falls schools will become "an educational institution that I'd be proud to send my own daughter to."

Oh, for the sake of children in Post Falls, let's hope he doesn't get the chance.

As Angry White Men points out, shortly after the "Unite the Right" rally, Reilly's resignation letter from WHLM radio included a line in which he denounced "Nazism, the KKK, and racism," so don't you go looking for his name on either group's membership rolls, OK? But he sure has left a trail of internet crumbs to suggest what he believes.

For starters, they show,

Last year Reilly worked as an editor for E. Michael Jones, a deeply antisemitic and homophobic self-styled theologian who blames Jews for the murder of Jesus Christ, argued on a Neo-Nazi-hosted livestream that Jews should not be considered citizens of the U.S., and claimed that COVID-19 was created as a "bioweapon."

OK, but we've all worked for jerks (not now, thank goodness, hi, Rebecca!). Isn't that just guilt by association? Maybe not so much, since Reilly also wrote a 2019 piece for Jones's subtly-titled Culture Wars magazine, in which he explains that evil Marxist social engineering inspired a "mass movement of left wing agitation and sexual liberation" that led to an "almost complete breakdown of social norms." Oh, hey, who did the social engineering, which incidentally created white supremacy by telling some people they were oppressed? You got it! "Jewish sociologists"!

What's worse, by promoting "white identity," the Jews responsible for the mess the West finds itself in today ultimately disappear, and become indistinguishable from the dumb "goyim" who have fallen for their trap: hook, line and sinker.

Hashtag #NotANazi.

Also, naturally enough, he figures the Catholic Church's mild reforms in Vatican II were part of the problem (we've removed links and note numbers here):

The result of this socio-sexual revolution together with the advent of contraception, coupled with the fallout of the revolutionary "spirit of Vatican II," Europe experienced an almost complete breakdown of social norms, the effects of which we are all aware: low birthrates, broken homes, and declining church attendance, [which has] ultimately led to the Great Replacement, and the media campaign demonizing native European populations, and promoting foreigners, with a religion alien to the European continent as "The New Europeans."

Short version: Jewish thinking destroyed Europe and is killing off beautiful European people and Christianity.

Oh, and then there are the tweets! All deleted now for some reason, as if Reilly were planning a run for office. Here's one from January 2020 in which he explained how sneaky Jews are, pretending to be both white and an oppressed minority group:

"White privilege" is a thing, because Jews pretend to be white when it's expediant for them. Everyone else of European heritage is left footing the bill, and taking the blame for their bad behavior.

When they want to virtue signal, they magically go from being white, to Jewish.

In another tweet from around the same time, Reilly repeated an old anti-Semitic myth that Jews are so terrible that they've been expelled from 109 countries, and added "110 confirmed," implying that the USA needs to get going on its own final solution. Bigots are so clever!

But wait! There's more! In another pair of tweets, Reilly retweeted a Hill article about a survey showing that "61% of Americans agree with at least one anti-Semitic stereotype," adding "Good news! Let's get those numbers up!" and then hinting that the survey was exaggerated to promote a narrative of Jewish victimhood, because after all, we know who really pulls the strings.

And still more! Seems Reilly is really big on the Jews as Christ-killers thing.

When the Anti-Defamation League tweeted that 27% of American adults believed that Jews killed Jesus Christ, Reilly concluded that "73% of American adults have been mis-informed [sic]." Reilly had previously tweeted a cartoon by "Stonetoss," a pseudonymous white supremacist, which implied that Jews bore responsibility for Jesus' death.

Just to prove he's not a Davey one-note, Reilly has also "joked" that letting women have the vote was a mistake, and that women "should not be allowed on social media." Ha! Ha! Also too, he reacted to the news that Pete and Chasten Buttigieg wanted to have a child with a funny quip: "Alternate headline: Pete Buttigieg and his 'husband' are planning to start dabbling in human trafficking."

So in case you were wondering what sort of Traditional American Values Reilly might bring to the Post Falls school board, there you go!

In an interview in the rightwing conspiracy site National File Wednesday, Reilly explained that children are the future, which is actually very true! He confirmed to the site that he is very much against

the "misguided liberal experimentation," including anti-white Critical Race Theory, SEL (Social and Emotional Learning), and Common Core. "There's not one person who I know that actually likes this, but our schools are still teaching with these frameworks in place," he added.

The site really does focus on Reilly's objections to "equity" and other evils:

He highlighted the "equity framework" implemented by Coeur d'Alene's School Board as one example of something that was "stealthily snuck by" parents, which he would not let pass if he was elected. With 41% of children in the overwhelmingly white district living in poverty, Reilly said it was "absurd" for the white students to be taught that they were oppressing black people.

We would note that 41 percent of children living in poverty would seem to be a failure of the Idaho state government, and possibly even the last presidential administration. But we are happy to note that with President Joe Biden's expanded child tax credit, if Coeur d'Alene follows the national trajectory, that number of children in poverty should have already fallen by as much as 40 percent.

Also too, we learn that Reilly is especially angry about the June arrests of disruptive parents and troublemakers at school board meetings in Loudoun County, Virginia, simply because they were shouting and carrying on over the "critical race theory" that isn't actually in the district's curriculum:

"Regardless of what policy is being debated, when you're treating parents like that, and you're being condescending towards them as if you know how to raise their children better than they do, you're going to be met with a lot of anger," he argued. "The whole point of me getting on the board is… to be the people's voice against these anti-white, racist and destructive policies. If you've got your own board member who's anti-CRT, you're not going to be shut down in these meetings any more." [Emphasis added]

Also too, while all of Idaho's hospitals are literally rationing care because there's no room for all the COVID patients, Reilly vowed to oppose mask or vaccine mandates, because he believes

Forcing kids to wear masks in school is tantamount to child abuse, and I think that foisting an experimental vaccine on kids as a condition of enrollment is absolutely out of the question.

Nice to know that if Mr. Reilly gets elected to the Post Falls school board, with the endorsement of the official local Republican Party, the crazies screaming about the Great Replacement and "needle rape" at school board meetings will have an ally in the room.

As of this morning, the Kootenai County GOP's endorsement of Mr. Reilly is still up.

[Angry White Men / Kootenai County GOP (and an archive backup) / National File]

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