Rightwing Norway Mass Killer Anders Breivik Thinks He Is Martin Luther King Jr., Apparently


Dear diary, my teen-angst bullshit now has a body count.

Just to prove that someone can be both a sociopath and a whiner, Norwegian mass killer Anders Breivik is protesting the conditions he must endure in prison, so he has announced he will go on a hunger strike if his jailers don't grant him certain fundamental human rights, like video games that don't suck. In a letter sent to several press agencies, he outlined his demands, which he is willing to starve to get. He wants a sofa, a larger gym to work out in, and perhaps most crucially for his basic wellbeing, a better videogame console than the crappy old Playstation 2 he has to put up with now. It is not yet known whether Amnesty International will be including him in any updates on the plight of prisoners of conscience.

AFP has details of the correspondence; it may be a while before it replaces King's "Letter From Birmingham Jail" in anthologies:


Doktor Zoom

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