Not At All Racist Tea Party Express Chairwoman Goes on CNN to Explain Why Obama Doesn't Love America Like 'We' Do


Hello Wonketeers, please enjoy this fun video wherein chairwoman of the Tea Party express Amy Kremer tries to explain why “Obama doesn’t love America the way we do.” Hint: it has something to do with him being “about more a global — having, uh, global, um, oh what’s the word? Being more global, one-world, with other countries, and it’s not about the shining city on the hill, the greatness that has always been America that our Founding Fathers were all about.” Does that clear it up?

Obama is more “global,” more “one-world,” and Mitt, well, he loves America! He has taken “companies that are failing” and turned them around, and also saved the Olympics. And he loves America so very, very much that he protects it from his tax revenue by stashing vast sums of money in the Cayman Islands. But then this nice man on the panel points out that Romney took over companies and put them out of work, so what about that?

This revelation, of course, prompted some sober reflection and an in-depth discussion about the benefits and limitations of unrestrained capitalism. HA! HA! Of course, it did not! Amy Kremer responded to this news with "um, well, you know what? President Obama's energy policy, if it's implemented, it's gonna cost -- I mean -- it's going to cost us 7.3 million jobs by 2020." And then Soledad O'Brien is all, "what does creating jobs have to do with loving the country?" And Amy Kremer stuck by her guns and said "I just don't think he loves America like we do, he's more about one world!"

And there you have it, REAL AMERICA has spoken. Obama doesn't love this country because he has a global perspective and did not run a venture capitalist firm, and Romney -- well, he loves America like "we" do, we of the dancing horses and car elevators and real Americans.

[The Hill]


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