Not Quite a Wardrobe Malfunction, But Still Bad

  • Barry and Hills are tied in Texas, which means this primary could feasibly end sometime before we're all dead of old age or election fatigue. [Real Clear Politics]
  • Every time some region goes and decides it wants to be independent from some other country after a war and 10 years of international administration, people can't just relax and let it happen. What's the big deal, guys? [Washington Note]
  • Hillary Clinton: democracy's candidate. [Naked Politics]
  • And it's starting to occur to the Hillary people that maybe Bill hasn't really helped out that much. [Wizbang Politics]
  • Those goddamn homo penguins are ruining the chances for a gay marriage ban. [AMERICAblog]
  • "Slippage" is always a problem for the ladies, now spreading into the area of superdelegates. [Ben Smith]

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