Notes from Washingtonienne: Need I Say More?

The first in an occasional series of updates from Washington's most recent temptress in a teapot.

From: Jessica Cutler

Subject: New posting

Date: May 26, 2004 8:27:31 PM EDT

To: Wonkette

Imagine if you dropped your diary on the sidewalk somewhere, and the next thing you know, it'�s national news.


Item! The National Enquirer offered me $20K for an interview today. But I said no. I have nothing to say that has not already been said, so they started low-balling me -- all the way down to $5K! Funk dat!

Took a long lunch at The Palm with a lovely woman from the Washington Post Magazine. Not talking to the �Reliable Source� anymore. Leiby implied that I have the A-bug in his column. He obviously hates me for some reason.

OMG, I almost forgot! On the way to The Palm, my cab got rear-ended near Union Station! Need I say more?

Taking calls all day long, setting up meetings for my trip tomorrow. You know, it�s Fleet Week in NYC: A photo op if there ever was one! Hello, Page Six!

But seriously, this shit is crazy. I still don'�t get it. Not doing anymore interviews. (Except with Wonkette!) I need to start working on my new line of handbags anyway.

Meeting a friend for a drink at Mr. Henry�s at 9pm. Really must go. Love you, Washington: See you next week!


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