Nothing Is More Republican Than Tax Avoidance

romney%20121707.jpgAlthough no one inveighs against taxes and overseas involvement more than Ron Paul, it turns out that one candidate managed to combine his love of Caribbean island tax havens with an interest in lowering people's taxes. Mitt Romney, while at Bain Capital, helped arrange and manage two shell companies in offshore tax havens to help lower taxes for Bain's clients. He, himself, also invested in those shell companies. His spokesman denies that Romney paid less in taxes because of the arrangement - in fact, if reports of their profitability are to be believed, he probably ended up making more money and paying more taxes than he otherwise would have. Unlike John Edwards' time at a private equity company minting money, there's nothing at all hypocritical about a rich Republican making more money by helping other rich people pay less in taxes. That's their whole purpose. [LA Times]


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