Nothing Wrong With Her A Hundred Dollars Won't Fix

* "I mean, I can't even walk from my office to the Market without being harassed. Men peeing in the alley, cursing at me, calling me names..." [Penn Quarter Living]

* Anti-anti-war protesters prepare to protest protesters. [Washington Times]

* "Being stuck in an elevator can do weird things to you. You imagine how long you might be there. You wonder whether you'll have to crawl through the doors and onto a landing like Keanu Reeves did in Speed." [Arjewtino]

* Metro is determined. [live from the third rail]

* "We want jobs with the State Department or global NGOs; we want to manage campaigns and shape the national dialogue/legislation in our own image; we want to be in the geeky blogging elite and rub elbows

with those DC celebs who are frequently quoted in the New York Times, but who Perez Hilton would never have heard of." [By the Way]


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