Novak: Ha ha ha ha ha, I Got Off Scot-Free

Today's Robert Novak column, summarized:

* Paragraph one: Haha stupid stupid jury.

* Graf two: Haha stupid stupid Harry Reid.

* Graf three: Haha stupid stupid liberals.

* Graf four: Why don't you go cry about it stupid liberals?

* Graf five: I did this! Me! Robert Novak!

* Graf six: No regrets!

* Graf seven: I'm fucking invincible!

* Graf eight: [Hoarse cackling]

* Graf nine: Stop snitchin'.

* Graf ten: Where is your god now?

* Graf eleven: I am the lord of hellfire.

Funny thing is, the entire column's pretty much correct. But hey, everyone always gets a little depressed between Fitzmas and Easter, maybe you'll get a new Watergate next year, kids.

A Verdict on the Wilson Affair [WP]


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