Now Everybody Hates David Paterson

Just nine and a half months ago,everybody loved David Paterson for being everything that Eliot Spitzer was not. Instead of a terse, sanctimonious Captain America who kept his socks on when he furtively humped hookers, Paterson was an affable, self-deprecating, pleasant gentleman who managed to persuade a woman who was not his wife to have sex with himfor free. Also he was sort of America's first blind governor, which was cute.

But now the TABLES HAVE TURNED, and after nearly a year everybody is sick of him. He completely messed up the whole "Who will replace Hillary?" process by jawing on the radio and TV about how undecided he was, for weeks, instead of just quickly and quietly appointing somebody, anybody. Hell, the governor of Colorado picked some literal nobody to replace the senator he lost to Obama's cabinet! David Paterson could have just pointed at a random unemployed Lehman Brothers trader and the great citizens of New York would have said, "Meh, sounds good." But instead he had to jerk around poor Caroline Kennedy, and then after she was passed over, his staffers totally trashed her in the press, which is really not a very courteous way to thank somebody for letting you fuck them up the ass.

That brings us to the conclusion of this story, which is that one Democrat, in referring to Paterson's gubernatorial tenure, says, "the words 'shit show' are being thrown around a lot."


David Paterson Needs a Friend, Fast [Politicker NY]


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