Now Playing at CFR: Four Treaties and a Funds Transfer

The Council on Foreign Relations seem like a stuffy clique of one-worlder wonks but deep down, they're different. They like walks in the rain and have posters of kittens in their offices and sometimes they'll have a "me night" and just watch Lifetime movies and eat cookie dough until they puke.

Next week, however, they're having a "we" night, and have invited some of DC's most important people over. They're going to watch a romantic comedy about debt relief. Really. And then Fareed Zakaria and Jeff Greenfield will lead a discussion on it. Seriously.


We can hear it now, "Oh, and that part where he told her that he loved he more than all of Africa's health care costs combined!?!? I died!" And while it sounds improbable, but you can tell by the poster it's not your typical romantic comedy. Nothing says "I care about debt relief" like a beret. Oh, and a protest sign that says "End debt." That says it too.

End Debt Get It


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