Now That Everyone Has Health Care, Thinkers Are Free To Talk About What Really Matters


Wednesday, March 24: What’s so wrong with treating interns like sweatshop workers? Their nimble, small fingers are made for hours of unpaid stapling and filing. The Economic Policy Institute is upset that only wealthy kids are given this glorious opportunity and are hosting event in order to make sure that all God's children can have meaningless work on their resumes. [EPI]

  • Wednesday, March 24: What great things, if any, are in store for the women’s movement now that fetus-killing is basically off the table? Find out (over a beer!) at Progressivism on Tap with Terry O’Neil, President of NOW, Wednesday, 6PM at Busboys and Poets. [Center for American Progress]
  • Thursday, March 25: On Thursday, the Brookings Institution hosts Senators Ron Wyden and Judd Gregg to talk about their little BI-PARTISAN plan for tax reform. See, health care reform didn't ruin democracy after all, at least not yet. [Brookings Institution]
  • Friday, March 26: What's the best way to solve the financial crisis? Let people sell their bone marrow. This lucrative, untapped market will bring in millions of dollars in revenue. Sure, there may be some moral issues involved with selling parts of the human body, but, as AEI argues, there's money to be made here and, not to mention, lives to be saved!  [AEI]
  • Jews everywhere: AIPAC’s Policy Conference -- a three-day masturbate-for-Israel event -- concludes on Monday night with the "AIPAC Gala Banquet -- Celebrating U.S. Support For Israel." Both Hillary Clinton and her BFF Bibi Netanyahu are scheduled to speak, which should be nice and awkward for all parties involved. The event is closed to the public, but you can see video from it on their website or catch it on America's favorite channel, CSPAN.  [AIPAC Policy Conference]

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