Now They Figure Out There Are Two George Bushes

Two of them? How could it be?! - WonketteIt's always mentioned in pollster code because nobody wants to come right out and say that American voters are total fucking idiots, but the cold truth is that George W. Bush's "name recognition" was always due to "false returns" based on "considerable voter confusion" and "composite imaging." In other words, most people who voted for George W. Bush in the 2000 primaries thought they were voting for his father.

It only took six years, but many Americans now seem to understand it was the old President Bush's numbskull son who became president in 2000. And guess what? They don't like the son, not at all. But they sort of like the old man, even though they voted him out of office just 14 years ago. Democracy: Rule by Retards.

Poll: More Americans prefer Bush's father [CNN]


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