NRA Comic Is Heinous Hoax & Then Magically Real Again

NRA Comic Is Heinous Hoax & Then Magically Real Again

While we were enjoying whatever people enjoy over the long War On Christmas weekend, that secret NRA graphic novel we discovered was causing all sorts of ruckus.

A bunch of dull morons over at the Daily Kos spent a lonesome day "proving" how we magically created all this beautifully frightening artwork because "Wonkette: Liar" (seriously, that was their headline). Smarter people over at a California concealed-weapon-permit site had more interesting things to say, but concluded the NRA comic was a hoax not by Wonkette but by a literary website we've never heard of -- that theory lasted long enough to make it to Boing Boing, while CBS News producers desperately sought comment from Wonkette editors ... in the comments.

So what's the deal?

* We sent the original PDF to Boing Boing, and you can go over there and download it; It's like 5 megs. (We posted all the best images, but completists will want the whole book.)

* Wonkette commenters pegged artist Chris Gall as the twisted genius behind the comix and a similarly-themed official NRA publication of recent vintage.

* (We privately guessed Chris Ware, which is damned close, as far as both artist having the first name "Chris.")

* Boing Boing and CaliforniaCCW kindly removed the hoax allegations.

* The Daily Kos diarist, obviously, is quietly maintaining his dull idiocy.

* Oh wait, the dude did apologize for being utterly full of shit and calling us a LIAR. Oh wait, not really. Jesus fucking christ. So you've got to be a smug retard to get a Daily Kos diary login, is that right?

* One of these dullard motherfuckers even managed to get through our Comment Screeners! Strike One: Defend dullard Daily Kos diary whining about Wonkette. Strike Two: Complain about Wonkette making fun of Rick Santorum's crying child! Strike Three: There is no Strike Three, and there wouldn't even be a Strike Two had we noticed. Good-bye, Crying Child Defender. (Headquarters, please delete "kestrel9000.")

* Also, delete "Mdmflutterbye" or whatever. Jesus fucking christ.

* Oh, and we're going to start drinking soberly meeting with the California gun nuts, because we like shooting stuff too, and they seem like a fun crowd.

* The NRA has yet to comment, or so we've heard. That's because they are lobbyists, and they're on vacation skiing somewhere and staying in $600-a-night resorts and laughing at all the poor yokels they manipulate with scary fundraising comix.

The whole boring deal was covered with a straight face by Raw Story -- proving once again that nothing happens between Xmas and January 2, ever ... except a couple years ago, when that horrible tsunami killed everybody.

NRA comic called a hoax, but accusations later withdrawn [Raw Story]

Fear-mongering graphic novel attributed to NRA (UPDATED) [Boing Boing]

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