The Top 396 Stupidest Quotes From NRA Convention-Goers After America's Latest Child Massacre

The Top 396 Stupidest Quotes From NRA Convention-Goers After America's Latest Child Massacre
“Society is going downhill and the problems are getting bigger and bigger,” said Lyndon Boff, a 67-year-old retiree from Florida. “I hate that so many people got killed in this shooting. But the first thing you have is a president that says ‘we got to do something about it, because it’s guns that killed the people.’ No. It’s their programs teaching children in school that our country is a bunch of crap.”

Oh god, the newspapers went to the NRA convention in Houston, the one held the weekend after a bunch of children were murdered with guns several hours west in the town of Uvalde, the one all the entertainment ducked out of because it was too embarrassing even for third-rate gross idiot conservative country stars to be seen there. And the newspapers talked to the people.

As you can see above, they talked to Lyndon, age 67, who is just pretty sure guns don't kill people, programs in school that say our country is a buncha crap kill people. So that's a moron. And they talked to a bunch more people.

This is the paragraph just above poor Lyndon's quote in the Texas Tribune:

They described feeling ostracized for their beliefs, and not just those on guns. For their refusal to get the COVID-19 vaccine. For their objections to gay people serving as teachers. For their belief in disciplining children through spanking.

Just because they're stupid, malevolent assholes, these oppressed people are feeling ostracized, bless their hearts.

Let's keep mingling and see who else we meet!

As the Tribune explains, of all the people they talked to, none saw guns, or the easy availability of them to mass shooters, as part of the problem. It is how there is no God in public school and mental illness and internet.

Why are there not mass shootings in countries even more secular than the US? Why doesn't mental illness gun down people on the regular in Europe? And do other countries have a different internet from ours? Please don't ask questions, these people are not good at questions.

Here's somebody:

“It’s not a gun problem, it’s a society problem,” said Bill Forcht, a 71-year-old retired management executive at the Coca-Cola company who lives in Magnolia, just outside of Houston. “They want to demonize us because we like shooting guns and believe in defending ourselves.”

Bill, who we are assuming is white, could not possibly understand how little this is personally about him.

Somebody named Anna from Tennessee, who is 53 years old, knows how to stop it:

“If you allow somebody to defend themselves the way our Second Amendment was intended… you’ll stop a lot of this,” she said. “Stop pussy-footing with these people.”

She was apparently talking about giving teachers guns. You know, the way it says in the Second Amendment. Can you imagine teachers trying to line up their students tallest to shortest in the middle of an active shooter situation, while with one hand they're just firing off some rounds hopefully in the direction of the shooter? Stay calm, children!

Her 68-year-old husband Paul of course believed Uvalde was a false flag operation. You know how the gun-grabbers are always doing false flags.

Politico was also in the convention center, looking for stupids who believe it was a false flag. They found some:

“Why did it happen three days ago?” asked Jim Hollis, a lifetime NRA benefactor from St. Louis. “I’m not sure that there are not forces someplace that somehow find troubled people and nurture and develop them and push them for their own agendas.”

Yeah and why did it happen just a few days before that and a few days before that and a few days before that? That's how vast the conspiracy is, man, there's just always a fresh mass shooting within days of every NRA convention!

Hollis, who asserted the shooter in Uvalde “could have walked in there with a baseball bat and possibly killed as many kids,” feared the “the attack on gun rights” was “strengthening” after Uvalde.

Hate it when people rush into schools and baseball bat 19 students and two teachers to death.

“There are people who thought they could use this Uvalde situation to dampen this [meeting],” he said.

Said another man, who declined to give his name, at the conference: “It’s straight out of a playbook.”

You betcha.

Politico also found a man named Joe Chambers, who said, “It’s not a gun control problem. It’s a demon control problem." OK, mister. Joe's wife Ana knew what was really happening:

His wife, Ana, gestured to the TV cameras and demonstrators outside: “This is all propaganda,” she said. “They’ll use anything to make us look bad.”

Remarkable how they'll use anything to make NRA people look bad. How do 19 dead children murdered with automatic shooty things have anything to do with guns?

Politico reports that a talking point they kept hearing from garden-variety attendees was that if the government can send $40 billion to Ukraine, it can do more to fortify the schools. So we guess that's going around.

And of course, some of the quotes are dumb but not worth reprinting. Just people who say they're sad about all the death, but hate it when the death makes them — good and lovely and wonderful gun owners who just travel God-knows-how-many miles to NRA conventions so they can rub gun shafts together — look bad.

You know, they just feel ostracized, y'all.

Oh well, thoughts and prayers for all that.

[Texas Tribune / Politico]

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