NRA Breaks Its Silence Over Russian Spy: LOOK! JANE FONDA 46 YEARS AGO!

The National Rifle Association sure has been in the news rather a lot lately, and that's unusual because for once, that news has nothing to do with their latest scheme to get more firepower into the hands of more Americans (or just into the hands of the ever-dwindling number of Americans who own more and more of the guns being sold). Not to tempt fate, but there hasn't even been a recent mass shooting for which the organization has offered a tone-deaf response. Funny, though, there is that ONE STORY that's been making all the news. Which is undoubtedly why the group's NRA-TV Twitter account found this week an especially timely moment to remind us that Jane Fonda did all the treason when she went to North Vietnam in 1972. We can hardly wait to see their upcoming History Moment condemning Stokely Carmichael for abandoning the SNCC's commitment to nonviolence.

Here is the semi-baffling video to remind you to be mad about a thing that sells bumper stickers 46 years later, because if it weren't for Jane Fonda, Rambo could have easily won in Vietnam, as we all know today:

See? It is in fact still 1972, and that is why the reelection of Richard Nixon is imperative, so he can create the EPA and sign the Endangered Species Act in time for Donald Trump to gut both.

Turns out this wasn't entirely without context, since Fonda was featured yesterday in a Variety piece in which she yet again apologized for posing on a North Vietnamese anti-aircraft gun, but not for opposing the war, which of course still makes her a traitor who gave aid and comfort to the enemy, and may the far right always gnash its teeth and teach their children of her perfidy. "Fonda! Fonda! Fonda!" goes the refrain. "A million deaths were not enough for Fonda!"

This seems like a really good moment to note that the new president of the National Rifle Association is Oliver North, who -- far more recently than Jane Fonda's trip to North Vietnam -- didn't just pose for a picture with some enemy weapons, but illegally sold weapons to Iran. Then again, North did it all in secret, and when he was found out, he never apologized, and was in fact very proud of selling deadly weapons to an enemy, because his motives were patriotic, so we'd better stop it with the false equivalence, huh?

In conclusion, please remember that if you're ever tempted to get upset about some young lady doing the work of a foreign government to turn Americans against each other, there's only one name that should come to mind:

Well, OK, and also Hillary Clinton. Duh, that's a given.

And now have at your OPEN THREAD!

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[NRA-TV on Twitter]

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