NRA Sad That Obama Hates Ladies Who Use AR-15 Ladyguns

The Department of Alcohol Tobacco and Firearms is considering whether to ban the manufacture, import, and sale of a particular type of armor-piercing ammunition known as M855 or "green tip" bullets. These bullets are compatible with AR-15 assault rifles and are illegal except for sport shooting, mostly for when the deer are wearing body armor. SETTLE DOWN we are kidding, we know people shoot AR-15s with green tip ammo for gunfun at shooting ranges (but not all shooting ranges, including the NRA's, because are you crazy, these bullets are really dangerous). Until recently, these bullets haven't been compatible with handguns, but a fabulous new gun has come onto the market and it is an AR-15-style handgun that can shoot green tip cop-killer bullets! For some reason, the ATF doesn't really want people to be able to use these bullets in handguns, but since they are widely available for sport shooting, ATF is thinking, huh, people might buy some and stick them in their handguns. And since there are many other fun bullets you can use for sport shooting with your AR-15, ATF wonders whether it might just be better to ban the armor-piercing ones.

Predictably, the NRA is throwing a freedom-tantrum over this. Shooting range gunfun probably isn't the same unless you can fantasize about Second Amendmenting a hole in the body armor of the government thug who has come to steal your freedom. Although why you can't have that same fantasy but with different bullets is not clear to us. But that's actually not the NRA's stated rationale. Chris Cox, an NRA lobbyist, claims the real reason ATF is focusing on green tip armor piercing bullets is because Obama hates the ladies and does not want them using these particular guns. Media Matters reports that on the NRA's radio show, Cox said:

"They're banning that ammo because they don't like the fact that women like the adjustable stock and the low recoil."

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Lolwut? You know who loves this gun and its cop-killer bullets? Drug cartels and the NRA. You know who doesn't love this gun floating around on the streets of U.S. America? The ATF and police organizations. But now we learn, per the NRA, that ladies also love this gun. It is a ladygun! And ladies apparently really need these particular bullets when they shoot their AR-15 ladygun handguns. Is it because they're young hot little girls who are going to be raped by college dudes wearing body armor? Is it because the average lady needs to pack the firepower of a drug lord? No. It must be because this gun plus armor-piercing bullets fits really well into a bra holster. You will be happy to hear that gun stores can barely keep these bullets in stock because of how all the gun-humpers are suddenly hoarding them; if the regulation passes, gun enthusiasts will be allowed to possess and use their remaining stock, but they won't be able to buy any more. So sad! The comment period on this proposal ends on March 30, and then the Attorney General will make a decision, which will probably take away all of your freedom to use cop-killer bullets in your ladygun forever.

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The NRA's argument doesn't even make sense (surprise). If these bullets are banned, ladies can still use the hip new AR-15 ladygun handgun, they just can't load them with armor-piercing bullets, only the regular kind of kill-you-dead bullets. Problem solved!



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