The National Republican Congressional Committee has found itself a winning strategy: following President Obama'scareful, nuanced apology for fewer than 5% of people being unable to renew mostly-crappy insurance plans, the NRCC is sending grumpy press releases calling on Democratic representatives in red states to apologize for their shocking failure to join House Republicans 40-something times in voting to derail Obamacare completely. The template yells at Arizona Rep. Kyrsten Sinema: "Now It’s Your Turn To Apologize For ObamaCare." But why stop there? Why not demand that she and other Congressional Democrats apologize for their scandalous votes to keep the government open and functional?

The press release is custom made for people who only read headlines:

Last night, President Obama finally apologized for promising Americans could keep their insurance plans, if they liked them. But that’s not the only apology that is necessary. It’s time for Kyrsten Sinema to apologize for continuing to support a law that is hurting Arizona families.

Because Sinema is blindly standing with Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi on ObamaCare, she is ensuring that Arizona families see higher premiums and may even lose their current insurance.

Or maybe Sinema could say what Obama did:

everybody is acting as if the existing market was working. And the fact of the matter is that a whole lot of people who were in this individual market, who were buying health care on their own, because they're not getting it through their employer, they might be happy with it this year. And then suddenly next year, the cost got jacked up by 15%-20%.

The average increase on premiums in this individual market ... was double digits. If they actually got sick and used the insurance, they might find the next year their premiums had gone up. Or the insurer might have dropped them altogether, because now they had a preexisting condition.

Women were being charged as much as double compared to men. So this is a market that wasn't working. And a whole lot of people were dissatisfied. And what we've done is to increase the consumer protections that are in place for those families and those folks . We've said, "You can't drop people when they get sick and need it most." We've said that you can't -- you know, have lifetime limits so that suddenly people think they've got insurance, the next thing they know they've got $30,000-$40,000 out of pocket expenses.

That would make for a pretty good start, maybe. It's not quite as pithy as "Obama has apologized for the program's failure, and now you need to as well." But it has the advantage of being accurate and stuff.

Hahaha, who do we think we are fooling? Maybe she could raffle off an assault rifle at the airport?

[NRCC / NBCNews]

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