NRCC Libelslandering Lucy McBath: ‘She Doesn’t Even Go Here!’

Post-Racial America
NRCC Libelslandering Lucy McBath: ‘She Doesn’t Even Go Here!’

Lucy McBath is the new kick-ass US House representative from Georgia's Sixth District. They finally got Newt Gingrich's stench out. Fox News describes McBath as a "racial justice activist," as though that's a bad thing. She's best known for her work with Moms Demand Action advocating for sensible gun laws after the 2012 murder of her son, Jordan Davis.

Fox claims McBath has been "dogged with questions" about whether she actually even lives in Georgia. See, McBath relocated to Tennessee briefly in 2016 to help her husband with some family business, as normal people have been known to do. She returned to Georgia the following year. It's a far less exotic birther conspiracy than what Barack Obama endured: "Can you trust, Lucy McBath? She's secretly from ... 200 miles northeast as the crow flies."

Karen Handel, whom McBath defeated last year, tried the "she's not from around these parts" attack during the midterms. But Handel's attempts to smear her as a tax dodging, part-time Georgia lover were ultimately unsuccessful. If you accept Mick Mulvaney's position on Trump's tax returns, the whole residency issue was "litigated" and settled when voters elected McBath. She could be from the country of Georgia for all they care.

The National Republican Congressional Committee, an organization of mature adults, decided to "troll" McBath anyway. They sent a "goody bag" last Friday to what they believed was her Rockford, Tennessee, home. It contained the following random crap: coffee infused with Jack Daniel's Tennessee Whiskey, Memphis-style BBQ sauce, and a Tennessee Volunteers hat. Those are all very much Tennessee type things. The interns earned their keep that day. They knew they had her because the package was accepted and signed for by "L. MacBath." Oh, was it?

Does that look like an "L" to you?Fox News

"We'll say it again for the folks in the back: Lucy McBath is a resident of Tennessee, not Georgia. Instead of going to Georgia to meet and help her constituents, Lucy McBath jetted out of DC to her real home in Tennessee," NRCC spokeswoman Camille Gallo said.

It turns out the Fox News article was as accurate as anything that airs on Fox News. McBath responded that the package was actually signed for by her "elderly mother-in-law." The NRCC refused to concede defeat and confronted McBath's "web of lies" yesterday.

Jesus H. ChristNRCC

This is some Weekly World News/National Enquirer-level garbage. These are the sort of people some Democrats insist we should try to "understand" and "empathize" with? No, thanks.

Tennessee has the Property Brothers, but it's not so much more glamorous than Georgia that anyone would seriously believe McBath is trying to pull something. NRCC hack Camille Gallo demands to know why McBath doesn't deny she was in Tennessee last week. The congresswoman is under no obligation to explain her whereabouts to someone who wastes her time on trifling shit like this. She has family in different parts of the American South. This is not a scandal. The freshman senator from Utah was born in Michigan and was governor of Massachusetts. Even politicians get around.

What also gets around are literal bombs mailed to Democrats. Sending unsolicited packages to the homes of political opponents (or their in-laws) is not just petty politics. It's needlessly provocative. It's certainly worse than someone yelling at a former child torturer in a Mexican restaurant. McBath has survived breast cancer twice. She's lost a son. If Republicans want to come at her, they'll need more than just geography.

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