NY Times Finally Notices That John Kerry Looks Like a Sad Horse

Senator Ozymandias - WonketteWhy is John Kerry so sad? Mark Leibovich -- last seen devoting a couple hundred words to the terrible problem that is people talking about Paul Wolfowitz's socks while there's a war on -- explores Senator Hangdog's emotional state in the Times today, and comes to the revealing conclusion that it's kinda depressing to be the biggest loser in a legislative body full of 'em.

Oh, also: John Kerry is funny looking. Here are some of the descriptions of his funny, funny face:

* droopy

* funereal

* "one of the most weary in American politics"

* "The grave Kerry face..."

* "forlorn loser"

* "solemn bearing "

* "John Kerry walks into a bar," goes the Washington version of the old joke. "Bartender says, 'Hey, Senator Kerry, why the long face?'"

* "He still wears his burdens plainly"

* "He boarded an elevator with fellow senators and fixed his gaze straight ahead."

* "helmet-haired, flip-flopping elitist"

Leibovich, of course, is just continuing the tradition of Times journalism started with the classic 1982 magazine profile, "Ted Kennedy: Stupid Fatty."

A Presidential Also-Ran, Kerry Adjusts to What Passes for a Normal Life in the Senate [NYT]


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