NY Times Scales New Heights in Mean Condi Caricatures

CondiCaricatureThumb.jpgAnthony Lewis reviewed Glenn Kessler's Condiography The Confidante in yesterday's New York Times Sunday Book Review, and, you know, blah, blah, blah. Whatever. It all just seems like an excuse to publish the accompanying illustration, an absolutely fab drawing of Condoleezza Rice by the excitingly-named Noma Bar. If you're reluctant to click the link, see a full-sized screenshot of the illustration and learn more about the artist after the jump...

OMG, so mean!

Noma Bar has a talent for creating convincing likenesses by combining a few elegant lines (Robert Risko comes to mind) with brilliantly-incorporated symbolic graphical elements. It's a combination of political cartooning and caricature. Mr. Bar was born in Israel and lives in London, where he does lots of work for The Guardian, Time Out London, etc. You may order a book of his work and see a few more images here, and there are many other illustrations viewable around the web.

What I really love about Bar's illustration of Condi is that it shows that The Flip will never die, even though Condi abandoned the sassy upturned hairdo in May of 2005. Embrace The Flip, Condi! Bring back The Flip!

The Enabler [New York Times]


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