NYT: Cold, Starving Fisherman NOT U.S. Senator After All

U.S. Forces Armed With What, Fish Balls? Anyone who reads the print edition of the New York Times may have been confused the other day when they saw the photo illustrating a short item about raging Republican convention speaker/Chris Matthews nemesis Zell Miller. A correction today reads:

A picture in the National Briefing column in some copies on Wednesday, with a report about Senator Zell Miller of Georgia, was published erroneously because of a production error. It showed Ignacio Siberio, an 80-year-old Florida fisherman, who figured in a report on Tuesday about his rescue after 18 hours clinging to a buoy.
Here's a picture of the guy they thought was Zell. We can't find the original anymore, but he looked much, much more deranged.

We can understand the mixup, though. If you've seen one crazy old guy, you've seen 'em all.

Corrections [New York Times]

80-Year-Old Man Rescued After 18 Hours In Atlantic [CNN]

[WFOR via CNN]


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