NYT Deletes America's Real President, George W. Bush, From Selma Photo

Some Conservatweeters are very, very upset with the New York Times for a cover photo of Barack Obama at Saturday's 50th anniversary commemoration of the 1965 civil rights march in Selma, Alabama. You see, the Times photographer, Doug Mills, had "cropped" his photo by focusing on President Barack Obama and Rep. John Lewis, instead of being a completely different photographer standing somewhere else and taking a completely different photograph with a wider angle that included former President George W. Bush:

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Of course, the fact that they're two completely different photos seems to have escaped the angerbears at The Right Scoop, which seems to think that the Times simply snipped Bush out of the original picture:


It would have been very easy to leave in the other side of the picture with Dubya in it, but then they’d be destroying the narrative that no Republicans went to Selma:

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Also, when he "cropped" the photo, Mills apparently altered it so his version was taken from ground level, had much better lighting, and was in focus. What a sneaky Obama propagandist!

If you want to bother with "accuracy," we suppose that you could also point out that the pretty much nobody has claimed that no Republicans attended the Selma anniversary. The problem is that not a single member of the Congressional Republican leadership had planned to go, until House Majority Leader Kevin McCarthy decided on Friday afternoon that he would, thus saving the day, so Republicans do too care about civil rights. Also, GWB and Laura did stand up and applaud shoving the Voting Rights Act down John Roberts's throat, so that made us quite happy indeed.

But why are liberals politicizing Selma anyway and making it all about race?

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