NYT Fears UFOs

Oh hell, theNew York Times op-ed page is now warning of UFOs. Tuesday's paper had an op-ed by this Nick Pope guy, who was actually the British Government's factotum who had to take down the Anomalous Aerial Phenomena reports from the English and Scottish people, after they staggered home from the pub.

What is Nick Pope's game, exactly? We have heard him, with his sexy English accent, speaking to the late-night paranormal AM radio hosts in America. He is probably on the Larry King show all the time, and he might be a black woman on The View. We don't really know. It is a mystery, as deep as the mystery of some dude in the Bible who watched the Flying Saucers kill the Babylonians or something. THEY ARE COMING, etc.

So, Cheney is probably going to do an ALIEN INVASION before the November election. But the aliens are already attacking the famous dirt ranch of George W. Bush!

Unidentified Flying Threats [New York Times]


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