The New York Times' stunning expose on how candidates don't like to talk about things that might hurt their campaigns starts pretty strong: Mark Leibovich calls the practice "Stalinist" and then segues directly into Hillary Clinton (well played -- we think Rudy Giuliani made the same comparison the other night). Then it starts going on about things everyone knows: Bill Clinton fucks around, John Edwards is secretly rich, Rudy performs a hundred abortions/day, and, uh, Mitt Romney is from Sodom.

"Romney is trying to say that he foiled a robbery in a brothel, the brothel being Massachusetts," said Ralph Whitehead, a political analyst at the University of Massachusetts in Amherst. "But the question people will ask is, What was he doing in the brothel in the first place?"

So... Mitt Romney decided to be governor of Massachusetts for the tail? Or did he just fuck the whole state for money? Either one seems plausible.

For '08 Résumés, Don't Ask Them to Fill in Blanks [NYT]


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