NYT Reports: Women Be Shopping

The many faces of Nancy Pelosi's pantsuits - WonketteBreaking: Washingtonians dress very conservatively! But a radical new group of kuh-razee lady-congresspeople are revolutionizing all that by dressing very slightly less conservatively!

Call, in this order:

* Mary Bono

* Stephanie Herseth

* Ellen Tauscher

* Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Also noted: Congresswoman often wear black. The piece has the nerve to criticize media outlets (well, the WaPo) who "punish" political women for fashion mistakes, but at least Robin Givhan is insane. We'd much rather read her calling Condoleezza Rice a dominatrix than be told that huge pearl necklaces are chic. We'd also just like to see more politicians wearing black leather knee-highs. We're pretty sure Cornyn has a pair.

Speaking Chic to Power [NYT]


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